SIMEXTRACK - Simple Expense Tracker App


Simple Expense Tracker

SIMEXTRACK is a very simple app, but it covers almost all my needs (maybe you too) for tracking my expenses. I can add my expenses, my income, even I can transfer my money between "safe boxes". Safe box is a place that I save my money. I build safe box because I have more than two bank accounts. I also save my money and my wallet. So I need to track my money in every safe box.

I also add a bunch of categories. So I can categorize all my expenses. Maybe my expense if for food, or transportation, etc. I can also add another category that not exists in the default category. This app also can view the history of all your expenses, incomes, or transfers. You can filter it by date or by the categories.

For me, this app fits all my criteria for an expense tracker app. If you were searching for a simple expense tracker app, maybe this app suits you. Or you just interesting, you can download the app. Currently, this app is in version 1.0.0 and android only. Unfortunately, this app not online. So if you delete this app, all of your data will be gone. But you still need an internet connection when opening this app because it will check for an update if there are new features or a bug fix.

You can download the app in here. And if you have any questions, suggestions, or you found a strange bug in this app, you can send an email to

Thank you and enjoy the app!!!